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In an ever-changing world with its todays varieties of issues, accelerated or even triggered by modern high speed information technologies with their social networks and ecosystems, our industry is setting for a total different approach in any security affair than only a few years ago.

“Do good work. Be courageous.
And get to the core what really matters.“

Quick and sure-footed reaction in a global latitude with intelligent and skilled staff, relying on enhanced technical support are needed to put us ahead of any contingency or issue that might occur. The security and safety measures we are offering to you and your family puts your mind at rest. Therefore, you can successfully focus on your tasks, making the right decisions and ensuring that you are always at your best. For this reason, company executives should have to worry about their security just as little as celebrities, who are continually in the public eye.

You should not have to pay attention to any security issue or background activities of your events and trips, when concentrating on the message you need to deliver. The protection of companies, their leaders and staff, production and administrative buildings should not have to distract employees and executives from their actual jobs. We are here to ensure that you will meet the experts in the latest technologies, human resources and skills.

Special Security Services was founded in 1983 by the then sole partner André Ahrlé. The company structures have been constantly expanding and modified ever since, but Special Security Services Group persists the nucleus of all varieties of the services supplied. It remains the core of all national and international activities. The company operates in the security sector, supervising functions and largescale events, analyzing possible safety and security problems and developing overall concepts. Its global sphere of operations with offices in Europe and North America makes Special Security Services Group one of the leading enterprises of its kind.

Many renowned international artists, promoters and agencies, as well as well-known figures from industry and public life, entrust us with the organization of their security interests. The essence of our service package is to provide our customers with professional solutions from just one source. Solutions which are clear, transparent, outright and cost-effective.

Array of Services


Personal Security

“sharp, proactive, discreet“

In today’s world people who are important or even indispensable for the public in general or for a less public group like a corporation or enterprise, are unfortunately also often at risk. Our company ́s orientation is to design the protection and security you need, - efficient, smart and discreet.


Property Management

“integrated technology, dependable, state of the art“

Shops, production plants, warehouses and administrative buildings, along with their fittings and furnishings, do not merely constitute valuable real estate. They are also an essential and integral component for your business, the services you provide, - and therefore consequently for your success.


Event Security and Safety

“experienced, international, at all scales and aspects“

Whenever international stars plan on going on a world tour or stage an individual show or event, they need comprehensive tour planning and a precise analysis of venues and locations under all aspects of safety, public and individual.


Travel Management

“detailed, transparent, connected“

Our travel management is geared to your personal needs. Our duties include limiting the risk in movement, loss of time through intelligent guidance, as well as organizing a relaxed and comfortable journey for you.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, TSCM Solutions

“complex, competent, covert“

Protecting sensitive and corporate classified information against unauthorized disclosure to third parties is a necessity in today’s aggressive and competitive commercial environment.


Chauffeur Service

“professional, flexible, reputable“

In modern traffic and an increasing individual mobility, the demand for professional services in this respect is ever on the rise. Therefore, we only supply specially trained drivers for our Chauffeured Vehicle Service.


Special Projects

“adaptive, deep and spot on“

High-Technology Companies with their valuable R&D departments, industrial production lines, costly prototype developments are often at risk of intrusion, copying, extraction and illegal technology transfer attempts.


“the who …“

Alice Cooper, Los Angeles, USA · Apple Computer, Munich, GER · Assignment Ltd., London, UK · Audi AG, lngolstadt, GER · Backstreet Boys, Miami/FL, USA · Bahkti Tours lnc. (Madonna) Los Angeles/CA, USA · Balou Entertainment Veranstaltungs- GmbH, Cologne, GER · Barry Marshall International, London, UK · BB Promotion, Mannheim, GER · Bochumer Veranstaltungs GmbH, Bochum, GER · Bon Jovi, Los Angeles/CA, USA · Bruce Springsteen, Los Angeles/CA, USA · Chicago Symphonic Orchestra, Chicago/IL, USA · Chopard, Karl Scheufele GmbH & CO. KG, Pforzheim, GER · Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano, Rome &Turin, ITA · Commonwealth Games 2002, Manchester/UK · COTY, Inc., New York/NY, USA, DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG, Berlin, GER · CPI/Clearchannel, Miami/FL, USA, Toronto,CA · Depeche Mode c/o Linsound Ltd., London, UK · D. Logistics AG, Hofheim/Ts., GER · Dirk Becker Entertainment GmbH, Cologne, GER · Dirty Deeds Ltd., New York/NY, USA · Dr. lng.h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, GER · EMI Electrola, London/UK · FIFA Worldcup Committee, Zurich, CH · Frank Sinatra, NYC/New York, USA · Furthur Films Inc., Michael Douglas, Los Angeles/CA, USA · Glenn Close, Los Angeles/CA, USA · Global Event Management, Johannesburg, SA · Goodyear Tires, Frankfurt/Main, GER · Greschbach Industries AG, Herbolzheim, GER · Harvey Goldsmith Entertainment, London, UK · Hyatt Regency Hotels · IMG Intl. Management Group, New York/NY, USA · Janet Jackson, Beverly Hills/CA, USA · Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, NYC/New York, USA · José Carreras, New York/NY, USA and Barcelona/ES · Kölner Philharmonie, Cologne, GER · KPMG Consulting AG, Munich, GER · Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden, GER · Live Nation Inc., Los Angeles, USA · Liza Minelli, New York/NY, USA · Renault GP F1 Team, Oxon, UK · Luciano Pavarotti, Modena/ITA and New York, NY, USA · Mama Concerts GmbH, Munich, GER · Marek Lieberberg Konzert Agentur, Frankfurt/ Main, GER · Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Hamburg, GER ·Marshall Arts Ltd., London, UK · MME Me, Myself & Eye Entertainment AG, Hamburg · Mercedes-Benz Petronas F1 GP Team . MPL Communications, London, UK · MTV London, UK · NBC TV, Pronomen GmbH & Co., Cologne, GER · Nokia Corp., Helsinki, Finland · Nokia Solutions and Networks GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, GER. Ogden Entertainment/NY, USA · Otto Kern GmbH & Co. KG, Herford, GER and Monaco, MC. PayPal Inc., San Jose, CA, USA. Peter Rieger Konzertagentur GmbH & CO. KG, Cologne, GER · Phil Collins, London, UK · Pink Floyd, Los Angeles/CA, USA · Plácido Domingo, Madrid, ES · Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, Los Angeles/CA, USA · Ricky Martin, Santurce/Puerto Rico · Roger Davies Management, London, UK · Rudas Theatrical Org., Pacific Grove/CA, USA · Sequel Tour Solutions, Manchester/MI, USA · Siemens Corporation, Munich, GER. · SMG Deutschland GmbH, Oberhausen, GER · Sony Music, Frankfurt/Main, Berlin, GER. & New York, NY, USA · The Rolling Stones, New York/NY, USA · The Three Tenors Productions, London, UK · The Cure, London, UK · Tina Turner, Zürich, CH · Triple M Management, Munich, GER · U2, Los Angeles/CA, USA · Virgin Records GmbH, Hamburg, GER · VIVA Media AG, Cologne, GER · Whirlpool Corp., Atlanta/CA, USA · WOM World of Music, London, UK