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Chauffeur Service

“professional, flexible, reputable“

In modern traffic and an increasing individual mobility, the demand for professional services in this respect is ever on the rise. Therefore, we only supply specially trained drivers for our Chauffeured Vehicle Service.

It is very important to us that our drivers regularly participate in intensive driver-safety training courses. Those are run by expert instructors and happen on a regular basis with mandatory participation for all individuals in our teams. In those specially designed training sessions a variety of possible or hazardous conditions is simulated, enabling our chauffeurs to constantly improve reaction time and skills in handling their vehicles correctly under any imaginable condition. We understand those costly sessions to be an important investment and therefore integral asset in the safety of our clients.

All our chauffeurs are also trained in first-aid and medical response. We work closely with automotive experts and brand specialists to ensure updated knowledge of current and future developments in the vehicle’s safety- industry. It also includes all feasible resources in modern vehicle supply for any need in comfort, appearance and safety demands. Close ties with the industry puts us in the position of supplying the latest models of the top brands in our portfolio.

Supplying our service to you, we are entrusting a global- partners-network which helps us to meet our customer needs in relation to provision and availability. We therefore offer not only secure planning but also maximum possible comfort in our product selection. This service supplements our range of individual, professionally managed mobility concepts.
•  Security trained chauffeurs with excellent skills and manners
•  Mandatory yearly training sessions
•  International structures with tailor-made solutions for every aspect and need
•  Support from Industry Partners to ensure up to date fleet
•  Special Purpose Vehicles