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Special Projects

“adaptive, deep and spot on“

High-Technology Companies with their valuable R&D departments, industrial production lines, costly prototype developments are often at risk of intrusion, copying, extraction and illegal technology transfer attempts.

Information can make the difference between success and failure. If a secret a is stolen, the competitive playing field is leveled or even tipped in favor of a competitor. Although a lot of information-gathering is accomplished legally through competitive intelligence, at times corporations feel the best way to get information is to simply take it. Economic or industrial espionage is a threat to any business whose livelihood depends on information.

In recent years, economic or industrial espionage has taken on an expanded definition. For instance, attempts to sabotage a corporation may be considered industrial espionage; in this sense, the term takes on the wider connotations of its parent word. That espionage and sabotage (corporate or otherwise) have become more clearly associated with each other is also demonstrated by a number of profiling studies, government and also corporate. In practice, particularly by "trusted insiders," they are generally considered functionally identical for the purpose of informing countermeasures.

A spy could be an engineer, a maintenance man, a cleaner, an insurance salesman, or an inspector. Anyone with legitimate access to the premises. Computers have facilitated the process of collecting information because of the ease of access to large amounts of information through physical contact or the Internet. The use of these methods of industrial espionage have increasingly become a concern for governments, due to potential attacks by terrorist groups or hostile foreign governments.

We are serving the private and corporate sector with intelligent countermeasures, tailor- made to the environment, equipment or data that needs to be shielded against any unfriendly attempt. We play the entire variety of measures of covered personnel, technical surveillance equipment and information technology.
•  highly discreet
•  Subsurface investigations and screenings
•  Technology of Excellence
•  specialists w experience in camouflaged operations
•  Worldwide network of partners and reliable sources