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Technical Surveillance

“complex, competent, covert“

Protecting sensitive and corporate classified information against unauthorized disclosure to third parties is a necessity in today’s aggressive and competitive commercial environment.

The consequences of confidential client information, company merger plans, or research and development information being lost to competitors or market speculators are real threats for company survival in the business world of today. There are many ways that company-sensitive and secret information can be intercepted. Eavesdropping on meetings, telephone conversations, online transmissions, - to name a few-, can provide a wealth of information for the potential adversary.

A full survey is, as the name implies, the maximum response to a request. It involves an extensive analysis and examination of the target area. Basically, we carry out an R.F. analysis or search, a thorough telephone system analysis, examination of walls, ceilings, floors, furnishings, etc., a target analysis, examination of denial aspects (that is, how the physical and procedural security meets the potential threat) identification of wiring, cables and air ducts and pipes, etc.

At the end of a full survey, we should know if anything is threatening the area and should be able to provide the customer with a detailed report for use in enhancing the overall security of the examined area(s). The choice of method of attack and, - to a large degree, the device(s) chosen for employment-, will be dictated by the environment under attack. Reverting to our true identity for a moment, as a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures specialist, a Target Analysis is mandatory before engaging in any sort of method or procedure. It will be as complete as possible and will influence the entire Option Sequence that follows that process.
•  Latest Technologies in use
•  Mobile and total flexible
•  6 Global Teams (Europe, USA, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa)
•  Utmost discretion
•  Global Network of high-level Intelligence Sources