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Travel Management

“detailed, transparent, connected“

Our travel management is geared to your personal needs. Our duties include limiting the risk in movement, loss of time through intelligent guidance, as well as organizing a relaxed and comfortable journey for you.

The time management in your business- or private environment is a particularly important task to us. We reduce idle times, preventing your flow from being brought to a halt. In consequence, you can focus on the actual need and content of your planned journey. We advise you on possible questions regarding customs and visa formalities, organize special airport services (tarmac/ ramp access, special VIP services, etc.) and oversee the travel and accommodation arrangements in general. Whether you are planning an executive travel occasion or your personal family vacation, our organization is here to assist you in any possible way.

Through our many years in the business, we have established a global network of trusted partners, enabling us to obtain special conditions when booking executive jets, helicopter transfers and limousine services. We furthermore procure vehicles equipped for your needs when travelling domestic or abroad. Shall you entrust us with the design and implementation of your various travel stages, we will report back to you in a transparent, clear and cost- conscious fashion.
•  Professionally managed mobility concepts
•  Overall travel assistance
•  Cost conscious monitoring of all stages
•  Worldwide network of reliable and trusted partners
•  Discreet and unobtrusive solutions