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Property Management

“integrated technology, dependable, state of the art“

Shops, production plants, warehouses and administrative buildings, along with their fittings and furnishings, do not merely constitute valuable real estate. They are also an essential and integral component for your business, the services you provide, - and therefore consequently for your success.

Securing these properties is not an irritating expense and should not be dealt with half- heartedly. It is furthermore an investment against vandalism, negligent damage, intentional sabotage or targeted theft. Our security-concepts for your buildings, private real estate or general property are adapted to each individual case.

It always involves a combination of man-machine interface, trained security- and response personnel, and state-of-the-art technology. The services we provide are based on the intended safety measures which are economically responsible and tailored to meet your individual needs. They cover all areas of possible engagements, from hardware in securing the outer perimeter, to discreet, nearly invisible indoor solutions.

All measures and installations are regularly monitored and serviced by our tech-experts. Due to our long-term history in the business, this enables us to professionally manage any challenge, and deliver any type of solution.
•  State-of-the-art technology
•  Reliable and trusted partners for all technical implementations
•  Constant guidance and education for stationary staff
•  Intelligent handling
•  Turn-key solutions