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Personal Security

“sharp, proactive, discreet“

In today’s world people who are important or even indispensable for the public in general or for a less public group like a corporation or enterprise, are unfortunately also often at risk. Our company ́s orientation is to design the protection and security you need, - efficient, smart and discreet.

With tailor-made solutions, - whether it is a discreet escort or a full Protective Detail, we will not force you to comply with a rigid security and safety approach. We will instead adjust to your needs, living a normal life without compromising your safety. These individually designed concepts for your and your family’s personal safety will be implemented by our specially trained, experienced and flexible security experts.

A comprehensive risk analysis and assessment prior to your planned events or any future engagement, involving our long-term established relations with Intelligence and official Agencies, is a basic prerequisite. Our first priority is always prevention, not reaction to the unexpected.

Our security experts originate mainly from former Military Special Tactics- or Federal Police forces, Diplomatic Security Services, Office of Investigations and Counter- Intelligence (DSS/ ICI/CI), experienced in cross-national operations and escorts.

•  Tailor-made concepts
•  Total focus on the client
•  Educated, flexible and highly discreet staff
•  Exceptional reputation
•  Global network of trusted sources